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Cookiebot™ is the most used solution for compliant use of cookies and online tracking.

Used on1.3 Millionwebsites
Manages5.2 Billionmonthly user consents
Supports47+different languages

Why implementation of Consent Mode V2 is mandatory?

With evolving digital privacy standards, adhering to Consent Mode V2 isn't just beneficial—it's essential. Here's why its implementation is a must for your online presence:

  • Avoid fines: Stay compliant with EEA regulations.
  • Keep your conversion data: Consent is key.
  • Keep building your audience—don't lose out on remarketing opportunities.
  • Maintain your edge with personalized ads.
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How back.digital can help?

back.digital is your expert partner in navigating the evolving landscape of online privacy and data compliance. Here's how we can seamlessly support your transition to Consent Mode V2:

  • Implement Consent Mode V2 for you.
  • Prevent you from loosing data due to tracking challenges.
  • Make sure you comply with privacy regulations.
  • Have it done before the March 2024 Deadline!
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Why back.digital?

Choosing back.digital means partnering with a team whose expertise is recognized by industry leaders. Discover why we're the preferred choice for forward-thinking brands:

  • Leading brands trust our expertise.
  • We are committed to you and getting it done.
  • Beyond setup, we can elevate your site performance with strategic insight.
  • We've got your back.
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Become compliant with 3 easy steps:

Reach Out to UsGet in touch with our expert team by filling out the form and leaving your details, all it takes to initiate the process.
We Implement Consent Mode V2Our professionals will handle the setup of Consent Mode V2 on your website, ensuring every aspect is perfectly aligned with regulatory requirements.
Achieve ComplianceWith Consent Mode V2 active, your website will be fully compliant, safeguarding user data according to the latest standards and giving you peace of mind.
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Cookie Compliance FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode is a framework created by Google, enabling your website to operate its Google-based services, including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads, in alignment with your end-users' consent preferences. It regulates how all Google tags and scripts function on your site, taking cues from the consent information provided by your website's consent management system.

Why is user consent necessary for cookies on my website?

Under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), websites with users from within Europe are mandated to secure explicit consent prior to processing any personal data. This requirement extends to cookies and trackers that collect personal information for analytics and advertising purposes, including unique identifiers, IP addresses, and users' search and browsing histories. Consequently, it's essential to notify users and obtain their consent before activating these cookies and trackers.

How does Google Consent Mode operate?

Google Consent Mode functions by obtaining the consent status from your website's end-users through its consent management platform. It doesn't transmit any personal information to Google, just the details of the users' consent choices, such as their refusal to accept marketing cookies. Depending on the provided consent status, Google Consent Mode adjusts its operations accordingly, for example, it will show contextual ads on your site without utilizing personal data if the user has declined marketing cookies.

How can I verify the implementation of Google Consent Mode on my site?

To check whether Google Consent Mode has been integrated into your site, you or your web development team can employ Google Tag Assistant for inspection. Simply visit your site using Tag Assistant in the guise of a visitor. Within the Tag Assistant interface, select a page or message and proceed to the ‘Consent’ tab. Presence of a consent status for “ad_storage” and “analytics_storage” tags indicates that Google Consent Mode is in place. Absence of such indicates non-configuration, displayed as “Consent not configured.”

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